Our History

In 2014, Family Works Northern established the Family Works Resolution Service as a fully-funded Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) service approved by the Ministry of Justice. This followed enormous changes to the Family Court system in 2014, which included introducing the FDR process.

FDR, or Family Mediation, is now the route for reaching agreements on a range of day-to-day care issues – including where children live, how much time they spend with each parent or caregiver, medical and school choices and other similar issues. Many parties who take the FDR route are also helped by attending the free Parenting Through Separation course. Parties who go through FDR avoid contentious, often prolonged and costly Family Court litigation.

From the beginning, the Family Works Resolution Service has been a leading innovator in supporting separating and separated parents and caregivers. We provide a leading edge coaching service that helps parties to navigate the process and, most importantly, stay focussed on what’s best for their children. We also provide a cutting edge Child Consultation service to parties accessing FDR, so a child’s thoughts and feelings can be safely heard and incorporated into the Family Mediation process.

The Family Works Resolution Service is one of many services Family Works Northern provides to build strong families who learn, grow and thrive. Family Works Northern is part of Presbyterian Support Northern, one of New Zealand’s largest social service providers.