Parenting Programme

If you’re a parent going through a separation, you may feel daunted by the tasks and challenges ahead.

We know that separation of parents is difficult for children, and it is common for families to need extra support to help children feel loved, heard, and understood during the process.

Our Parenting through Separation Programme can help you at this difficult time. Through the programme you will discover what’s best for children when parents live apart, and develop tools for parenting them through this experience.

The programme includes:

  • Resources and support for developing parenting skills specific to separation
  • Strategies for guiding your children through this transition period
  • Practical ideas on how to schedule time-sharing and resolve questions such as who drives your children to after-school sports, who takes them to the doctor, or who gets to have them on their birthdays
  • Information on child development, and teaching of skills for dealing with challenging behaviour
  • Opportunities to share parenting experiences and connect with other families going through the same process.

The Parenting through Separation Programme is offered as part of our Family Works Resolution Service. It is a free and informative programme, funded by the Ministry of Justice, and delivered by these six organisations across our region from the Northern Cape right down to Waipukurau in the southern Hawkes Bay:

  • Family Works
  • Plunket
  • Barnardos
  • Triple PPP
  • Birthright
  • Life Wise

We highly recommend that you complete the Parenting through Separation course before attending Family Disputes Resolution, although it is not compulsory unless you need to access the Family Court.

You can book a place on a parenting programme by finding the centre nearest you and using the contact details below.

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Parenting through Separation brochure