To see if your mediation costs is free or you’re eligible for government-funded Family Dispute Resolution, please check the table below.

The first two stages are always free for everyone, whether or not you are eligible for government funding.

If only one party is eligible: 

  • the process will cost $448.50 for the person who is not qualified

If both parties are not eligible, the costs are:

  • Per individual, $448.50*
    * Capped at $897 for each case. It costs less if more than two parties are involved. Please ask our service centre coordinators for adjusted rates.

Find out if you qualify

This table is an indication of whether you are eligible for funding. The table shows the most you can have earned to qualify. The maximum income varies with the number of dependants.

Number of dependantsMaximum annual income (before tax & any deductions) $Maximum fortnightly income (before tax & any deductions) $Maximum earnings over past 3 months (before tax & any deductions) $
0 (you have no dependants)$23,820.00$916.15$5,955.00
1 (partner or child)$37,722.00$1,450.85$9,430.50
2 (partner and/or children)$54,245.00$2,086.35$13,561.25
3 (partner and/or children)$61,642.00$2,370.85$15,410.50
4 (partner and/or children)$68,882.00$2,649.31$17,220.50
5 (partner and/or children)$77,002.00$2,961.62$19,250.50
6 or moreAdd $7,124.00 for each extra dependantAdd $274.00 for each extra dependantAdd $1,781.00 for each extra dependant

Family Legal Advice Service (FLAS)

If you qualify for free Family Dispute Resolution, you automatically qualify for the new Family Legal Advice Service known as FLAS which provides you around 4 hours of independent legal help to support you while you are undergoing the FDR process. Please ask our service coordinator for details of your nearest FLAS provider, or visit the help page of the Family Justice website.